Comments on the large paleartic vipers Macrovipera and Daboia in North Africa

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  1. Gabriel Martínez Del Mármol Marín dice:

    Other important point to discuss, is the question of the scarcity of Macrovipera lebetina in North Africa. Maybe D. mauritanica is a possible competitor of M. lebetina. In fact, Macrovipera lebetina has been declared extint in Israel, where Daboia palaestinae occurs both in sandy coastal areas, rocky mountain or agriculture fields. And in Jordan, Macrovipera has a patchy relictary distribution, probably due to Daboia snakes (suggested by Amr & Disi, 2011). At least in Southern Morocco, Daboia is present also in rocky areas, steppes, sandy areas, etc… so probably also the adaptable D. mauritanica could be a potential competitor for Macrovipera lebetina mediterranea and a important cause of its scarcity…

  2. Geoff Sims dice:

    Maxhoservipera is the correct name for the genus now.
    All the best

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