Publicada la ficha de Amietophrynus mauritanicus

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Publicada la ficha de Discoglossus pictus

Discoglossus pictus

More information in the Discoglossus pictus species page.

Publicada la ficha de Hyla meridionalis

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Cambios taxonómicos en Anura

Added Discoglossidae family. Bufo boulengeri renamed to Bufotes boulengeri. Bufo brongersmai renamed to Barbarophryne brongersmai.

Barbarophryne brongersmai

Beukema, W.; De Pous, P.; Donaire-Barroso, D.; Bogaerts, S.; García-Porta, J.; Escoriza, D.; Arribas, O.J.; El Mouden, E.H. & Carranza, S. 2013. Review of the systematics, distribution, biogeography and natural history of Moroccan amphibians. Zootaxa 3661(1):1-60.

Publicada la ficha de Bufo boulengeri

More information in the Bufo boulengeri species page.

Discoglossus scovazzi, diseño con manchas

Discoglossus scovazzi

Discoglossus scovazzi. Photo: © J. Gállego.


Actualizada la ficha de Pelobates varaldii

It was recently discovered a population of Moroccan Spadefoot Toad (Pelobates varaldii) that extends about 50 km to the north the known range of this threatened anuran.

Photo: © Philip de Pous.

The correct identification was confirmed by analysis of mt-DNA and the finding was published in the latest issue of Herpetological Review. We are grateful to Iñigo Martínez-Solano for sharing with us the article.

We have updated the Pelobates varaldii page to reflect these new data and we have also added new pictures to the photo gallery of this endangered Moroccan species, kindly provided by Philip de Pous and Wouter Beukema for

Reference: Lapeña, M.; Barbadillo, L.J. & Martínez-Solano, I. 2011. Geographic Distribution. Pelobates varaldii.
Herpetol. Rev.
, 42(1): 108.

Publicada la ficha de Bufo brongersmai

In the species section you can find the working file of Bufo brongersmai.

More information in the Bufo brongersmai file.

Publicada la ficha de Pelophylax saharicus

In the species section you can find the working file of Pelophylax saharicus.

Green frogs of northern Africa have the same taxonomic problems than their counterparts in Europe. Currently, a single species, Pelophylax saharicus, formerly Rana saharicus, is considered to be present in Morocco.

It is thought, at least in the northern populations, which is closely related to Pelophylax perezi of the Iberian Peninsula.

More information in the Pelophylax saharicus file.

Discoglossus scovazzi

Discoglossus scovazzi is a common species in Morocco.

Its coloration and design is very variable. The striped patterns seen in the photo is perhaps the most gorgeous.