Published the page of Spalerosophis dolichospilus

Spalerosophis dolichospilus

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Taxonomic review of Anura

Added Discoglossidae family. Bufo boulengeri renamed to Bufotes boulengeri. Bufo brongersmai renamed to Barbarophryne brongersmai.

Barbarophryne brongersmai

Beukema, W.; De Pous, P.; Donaire-Barroso, D.; Bogaerts, S.; García-Porta, J.; Escoriza, D.; Arribas, O.J.; El Mouden, E.H. & Carranza, S. 2013. Review of the systematics, distribution, biogeography and natural history of Moroccan amphibians. Zootaxa 3661(1):1-60.

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Chalcides mauritanicus

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Naja haje

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