Bufo spinosus

According to a recent study based on analysis of nuclear DNA and mitochondrial common toad populations in North Africa belongs to Bufo spinosus, which acquires status of valid species.

Multilocus species tree analyses resolve the radiation of the widespread Bufo bufo species group (Anura, Bufonidae)
E. Recuero, D. Canestrelli, J. Vörös, K. Szabó, N.A. Poyarkov, J.W. Arntzen, J. Crnobrnja-Isailovic, A.A. Kidov, D. Cogălniceanu, F.P. Caputo, G. Nascetti, I. Martínez-Solano
Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution. doi:10.1016/j.ympev.2011.09.008