Echis leucogaster en Marruecos

The viper Echis leucogaster is probably the rarest and most hard to see snake in Morocco, where this species maintains a small number of relict populations.

Gabri examines the probably rarest snakes of Morocco. Foto: © Lorena Aguilera García-Saavedra.

Our friend Gabriel Martínez del Mármol, co-founder and member of the authors team of has traveled to Morocco in search of this elusive snake. And he has found not one … but two!

Nuevo artículo: A note on the generic allocation of Coluber moilensis

In the latest issue of Salamandra an article is published by Böhme, W. & S. de Pury which advocates a change of genus for the false cobra, which would be renamed Rhagerhis moilensis.

A note on the generic allocation of Coluber moilensis Reuss, 1834 (Serpentes: Psammophiidae).

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Nueva filogenia de Amphibia

Pyron and Wiens provide a revised classification of extant amphibians. This new taxonomy includes several families not recognized in current classifications, and suggests non-monophyly for several currently recognized families.

R. Alexander Pyron and John J. Wiens 2011. (in press) A large-scale phylogeny of Amphibia including over 2800 species, and a revised classification of extant frogs, salamanders, and caecilians. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution doi:10.1016/j.ympev.2011.06.012.