Publicada la ficha de Bufo brongersmai

In the species section you can find the working file of Bufo brongersmai.

More information in the Bufo brongersmai file.

Publicada la ficha de Pelophylax saharicus

In the species section you can find the working file of Pelophylax saharicus.

Green frogs of northern Africa have the same taxonomic problems than their counterparts in Europe. Currently, a single species, Pelophylax saharicus, formerly Rana saharicus, is considered to be present in Morocco.

It is thought, at least in the northern populations, which is closely related to Pelophylax perezi of the Iberian Peninsula.

More information in the Pelophylax saharicus file.

Discoglossus scovazzi

Discoglossus scovazzi is a common species in Morocco.

Its coloration and design is very variable. The striped patterns seen in the photo is perhaps the most gorgeous.

Comparte tus imágenes

We have created a Flickr group for anybody who has photographs or videos of amphibians and reptiles shot in Morocco or Western Sahara and desires to share them.

If we were interested in publishing any of the photographs added to the group in the gallery of the web, we would contact the author to ask their permission. For adding photographs to the group, these must be of amphibians or reptiles photographed free in Morocco or the Western Sahara. This means that we will not accept photos of the injured and dying cobras from the Djemma El-Fná Square in Marrakech, nor chameleons and turtles locked in cages that you can find in many of the Moroccan souks. We will accept the photographs of captured species “in hand” if the species or the circumstances require it, although, we will give preference to the photos that show the animals in their natural habitat or attitudes. The same conditions are applicable to videos.

Expedición primavera 2011: Lista definitiva

The team that remained in Morocco to try to find the elusive Varano has returned.

In addition to finding the Varanus griseus, a species more abundant toward Egypt and the Middle East but very scarce in Morocco, they also found these interesting species to be added to the list of species of the previous post:

Alytes maurus
Bufo brongersmai
Mauremys leprosa
Tarentola deserti
Tarentola annularis
Ptyodactylus oudrii
Stenodactylus mauritanicus
Tropiocolotes algericus
Trapelus mutabilis
Uromastyx nigriventris
Uromastyx dispar
Varanus griseus
Timon tangitanus
Podarcis vaucheri
Acanthodactylus busacki
Acanthodactylus boskianus
Acanthodactylus dumerili
Chalcides ocellatus
Myriopholis algeriensis
Spalerosophis dolichospilus
Malpolon insignitus
Psammophis schokari

This makes a total of 44 species, 8 amphibians and 36 reptiles.